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Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism
Special Issue of the Journal of Critical Realism (15:5, 2016) Edited by Angela Martínez Dy, Lena Gunnarsson and Michiel van Ingen

An increasing number of gender scholars have become familiar with critical realism, finding it a robust alternative to the poststructuralist perspectives that currently dominate gender studies and feminism. This trend has coincided with an increased interest among feminist theorists in the issues of ontology, materiality and nature, which have always been at the heart of critical realist interventions. However, despite these thematic alignments, and despite the fact that both critical realism and feminist theory are inherently critical-emancipatory, the critical realist approach continues to occupy a marginal role within both feminist and gender studies debates. Concurrently, the field of critical realism is decidedly ‘masculine’ in nature, both in the sense that men dominate the field, and in terms of the issues with which critical realists have most commonly concerned themselves. Recent critical realist feminist work, the International Association of Critical Realism’s adoption of a proactive policy to enhance the representation of women in its organs and activities, and the growing critical realist preoccupation (particularly in Bhaskar’s philosophy of metaReality) with historically ‘feminine’ topics such as love, mark a potential shift away from these unfortunate trends.

In order to encourage the development of this emerging field of critical realist feminism and gender studies, as well as critical exchanges between the respective branches of critical realism (including dialectical critical realism and metaRealism) and feminist theory/gender studies, we are happy to invite submissions for a special issue of Journal of Critical Realism on Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism. We welcome not only contributions that draw on critical realism in studying gender relations and/or engaging with feminist concerns but also critiques of critical realism from feminist or gender-based points of view.

Topics of interest include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

      Critical realism and poststructuralist feminism/gender studies

      Critical realism and socialist/eco/radical/black/postcolonial feminism

      Critical realism and the ontological/materialist/naturalistic turn in feminist theory

      Critical realism and intersectionality

      Critical realism, metaRealism, love and gender

      Critiques/auto-critiques of existing critical realist work from a feminist/gender studies perspective

      Feminist epistemology, standpoint theory and critical realism

      Critical realism and feminist critiques of (social) science

      Examinations/critiques of feminist taboos on realism, nature and causality

      Critical realism and post-feminist culture

      Critical realism, dialectics and feminist deconstruction

      Revitalizing the explanatory feminist tradition: what is patriarchy?

      Critical realism and sexuality

      Critical realism and queer studies

      Critical realism and men/masculinity studies

      Critical realism, sex and gender identity

      Critical realism and gendered/sexual violence

      Critical realism, feminism, gender studies and war/conflict

      Critical realism and feminist ethics

      Critical realism and pornography

      Critical realism and feminist methods/methodology

      Agency, gender and critical realism

      Critical realism and feminist activism/politics

      Feminism, gender studies, critical realism and other realisms (Barad’s agential realism, post-positivist realism etc.)

      Critical realism as underlabourer for applied work in feminism/gender studies

      Critical realism, interdisciplinarity, gender and feminism

      Feminist spirituality and metaRealism

      Critical realism and feminist economics

Instructions for authors
Papers should be no more than 8,000 words (not inclusive of references). In all other respects, our instructions for authors apply. Please consult these at www.maneyonline.com/ifa/rea> or use one of our recently published articles as a guide in setting out your work. Articles (as distinct from pieces for our Perspective and Debate sections) will be subject to external peer review.
Submissions need not be exclusively concerned with critical realism or its critique, but should relate their arguments in some significant way to critical realism. For instance, the main focus of an article could be Karen Barad’s feminist appropriation of Bohr’s agential realism, but it should include consideration of critical realism.

Important dates
October 31, 2015: deadline for first drafts February 26, 2016: reviewers’ reports and editors’ decision provided May 23, 2016: deadline for final drafts June 30, 2016: final copy due with the publisher October 2016: publication of the special issue online and print

Enquiries and submissions
Please send any enquiries to lena.gunnarsson@oru.se> Please upload articles for peer review to our online system, http://www.editorialmanager.com/rea/default.asp. When uploading you will be asked if your paper is for a themed issue. Please answer ‘Yes, the special issue on Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism’. If your paper is accepted but not included in the special issue, it will appear in a subsequent issue. Please send any other material for the special issue to lena.gunnarsson@oru.se>.

About the Journal
Journal of Critical Realism is the journal of the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR), established in 1997 to foster the discussion, propagation and development of critical realist approaches to understanding and changing the world. It provides a forum for scholars wishing to promote realist emancipatory philosophy, social theory and science on an interdisciplinary and international basis, and for those who wish to engage with such an approach.


Critical Reallism Network Webinars

Dear Colleagues,
I’m pleased to invite you to join the inaugural public webinar for the Critical Realism Network where I will present “Emergence as a Sociological Concept” on Tuesday, September 22 from 12-1:30pm EDT. This webinar will pick up on one of the many key themes from the Philosophy of Social Sciences Summer Seminars 2015.
In August, around 35 graduate students, postdoctoral associates and junior faculty gathered in Chicago to review key texts in Western philosophy and social theory and then examined critical realism and its implication for sociological methods and research. Our teaching team included both sociologists and philosophers: myself, Professor George Steinmetz, Professor Douglas Porpora, Professor Frederic VandenbergheProfessor Ruth Groff, Professor Daniel Little, Dr. Margarita Mooney, and Dr. Timothy Rutzou.
Key themes discussed included emergence, causal powers, human flourishing, sociological constructivism, methodological pluralism, and robust interdisciplinarity. If you want to learn more, sign up for our webinar on emergence and review our online resources.
Philip Gorski

Critical Realism And Accounting Research Workshop Series 2015, Sheffield University Management School

This series of workshops is run by Dr Stewart Smyth, Co-Director of the Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context (CRAFiC) at Sheffield University Management School and is funded by the Flexible Grants for Small Groups scheme, of the ISRF. Stewart Smyth: s.j.smyth@sheffield.ac.uk


Critical Realism Reading Group, London: How to subscribe

UCL/IoE Critical Realism Reading Group

Thank you for supporting the reading group this year. The reading group began in 2014 with Roy speaking on original critical realism and fittingly ended on the 29th June 2015 with Mervyn Hartwig speaking about metaReality and love.

Andy Wright offered a much welcomed overview of his book 'Christianity and Critical Realism'. Which led the seventeen people who attended the session into a very engaging discussion around the similarities between critical realism and religion including inter-disciplinary and inter-faith analysis, and shared concerns with revelation and non-identity, and with the origins and ontology of love.

A recording of the session can be found at https://goo.gl/BSSHg1

It is wonderful to know that given the great loss of Roy, the reading group is still able to flourish, not just throughout this last year but into the next.

We are planning the 2015-2016 series, and hope to maintain a reading group in which newcomers to critical realism, students working with critical realism, and critical realism authors and academics can share in the rewards that come from a knowing and using of critical realism. We begin the 2015-2016 reading group on Monday 5 October, 5.30-7.30 and continue on alternate Mondays.

You can subscribe/ unsubscribe to notifications of future sessions by sending an email to: CR READING GROUP with CR Reading Group in the subject line.

Best wishes,

Priscilla Alderson and Gary Hawke


The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize 2014

The winner of the prize for 2014 is Matthew L. N. Wilkinson for his book A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi-Faith World: A Philosophy for Success through Education. Routledge.

A Fresh Look at Islam deploys critical realist metatheory and empirical research in an original and creative way to produce an educational philosophy - Islamic critical realism - to assist Muslims meet the challenges of our times and promote a better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims.

There was a strong field. The committee was impressed in different ways by all the short-listed works (see the list below), but felt that the following (in alphabetical order) deserve special mention as runners-up:

Margaret S. Archer, ed., Late Modernity: Trajectories towards Morphogenetic Society, Springer
John Mingers, Systems Thinking, Critical Realism and Philosophy: A Confluence of Ideas. Routledge
David Pilgrim, Understanding Mental Health. A  Critical Realist Exploration. Routledge

About the Prize

The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize is awarded annually for a book or article that constitutes, motivates or exemplifies the best and/or most innovative writing in or about the tradition of critical realism, including the philosophy of metaReality, in the previous year. The winner will be invited to give the annual Cheryl Frank Memorial Lecture at the IACR Annual Conference or some other suitable venue. If the Author wishes, the lecture will be considered for publication in Journal of Critical Realism.

The Cheryl Frank Committee consists of one nominee each from IACR, the Centre for Critical Realism and JCR. The current members are Mervyn Hartwig, Jamie Morgan and Nick Wilson. Where the work of one of its members is being considered the Committee invites a substitute nomination from the relevant organization.

Shortlist for 2014:
  • Margaret Archer, ed., Late Modernity: Trajectories towards Morphogenetic Society, Springer 2014
  • John Mingers, Systems Thinking, Critical Realism and Philosophy: A Confluence of Ideas. Routledge 2014
  • David Pilgrim, Understanding Mental Health. A  Critical Realist Exploration. Routledge 2014
  • Arne Johan Vetlesen, The Denial of Nature. Environmental Philosophy in the Era of Global Capitalism, Routledge 2014
  • Matthew L. N. Wilkinson, A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi-Faith World: A Philsophy for Success through Education. Routledge 2014
  • Christopher Norris, What Strong Sociologists can Learn from Critical Realism, Journal of Critical Realism, vol 13, no 1, Febr. 2014
  • Christopher Norris, What's Love Got To Do With It? Journal of Critical Realism, vol 13, no 5, Oct 2014
  • MinGyu Seo, Reality and Self-Realization: Bhaskar's Metaphilosophical Journey toward Non-dual Emancipation, Routledge, 2014
  • Paschalis A. Arvanitidis, The Economics of Urban Property Markets: An Institutional Economic Analysis, Routledge Studies in The European Economy, 2014

Past recipients of the Prize:

Christian Smith, What is a person? (The University of Chicago Press)
Alan Norrie, Dialectic and difference. Dialectical Critical Realism and the grounds of justice (Routledge)

Chris Sarra, Strong and Smart: Towards a Pedagogy for Emancipation (Routledge)

Ruth Groff, Ontology Revisited: Metaphysics in Social and Political Philosophy (Routledge)
Nick Hostettler, Eurocentrism: A Marxian Critical Realist Critique (Routledge)

Lena Gunnarsson, The Contradictions of Love: Towards a Feminist-Realist Ontology of Sociosexuality (Routledge)


The 2015 IACR Annual Conference

"Critical Realism: Reimagining Social Science"
 at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame/South Bend, Indiana, USA
27-30 July 2015
"What difference does critical realism make for how we do our empirical work?" More work must be done on how Critical realism may re-orient practical Research.
Papers applying a critical realist approach are invited on all topics, but in particular papers that focus on the practical, analytical and methodological implications of critical realism.

The Conference program will include a memorial for Roy Bhaskar (1944-2014) 
 Details about conference registration, paper submissions, housing and more:  http://csrs.nd.edu/events/iacr2015/ 
Submission of papers: send abstract of no more than 500 words to Nicolette Manglos-Weber nmanglos@nd.edu by April 15th 2015

Conference registration deadline: May 30 2015
Registration costs: $ 400 USD

Conference organiser is professor Christian Smith, Department of Sociology, University of Notre Dame. 

After the Conference a one-day interdisciplinary workshop will be held on What Conversations about Science, Religion and Theology does Critical Realism make Possible (that other Philosophies of Science Do Not)?
The annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA) will be held August 22-25 in Chicago. Notre Dame is two hours away from Chcago, and IACR participants may want to prolong their stay to attend the ASA Conference. 


Journal of Critical Realism - new issue

Volume 14, Number 1 / February 2015 of Journal of Critical Realism is now available on the essential.metapress.com website at http://essential.metapress.com/content/r2v8x07w1061/

 In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Andrew Collier 1944-2014
   John O’Neill
The ‘Two Marxisms’ Revisited: Humanism, Structuralism and Realism in Marxist Social Theory­­­­
    Sean Creaven
Metaphilosophical Naturalism and Naturalized Transcendentalism: Some Objections to Kaidesoja’s Critique of Transcendental Arguments in Critical Realism
   Dustin McWherter

Developing Social Theory Using Critical Realism   

Dave Elder-Vass

A Comment on Elder-Vass, ‘Developing Social Theory Using Critical Realism’: Progress­, and Learning   

Jamie Morgan
Roland Boer, Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology IV (Jolyon Agar); Miguel de Beistegui, Aesthetics after Metaphysics: From Mimesis to Metaphor (Tobin Nellhaus); David Tyfield, The Economics of Science: A Critical Realist Overview, Volumes 1 and 2 (Steve Fleetwood); Martha Nussbaum, Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach (Chris Byron); Lilie Chouliaraki, The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism (Margarita Mooney)



Journal of Critical Realism - new issue

Volume 13, Number 4 / August 2014 of Journal of Critical Realism is now available on the essential.metapress.com website at http://essential.metapress.com/content/xv3048710463/. 
This issue contains:  
p. 339
Craig Reeves
p. 368
Steve Vincent, Rob Wapshott, Jean Gardiner
p. 385
Leigh Price
p. 399
David Bloor
p. 411
Harry Collins
p. 422
Ruth Porter Groff
p. 443
Jonathan Joseph